The R a n t i n g W a c k o ' s Backyard

Hi. Welcome to my homepage. You will probably come to notice this isn't a typical homepage.

I've noticed that most homepages are usually shrines to the self-percieved importance of someone's
pet cats, collections of bad poetry by some pathetic loser about how tragic it is to be a sensitive
girl of fifteen summers who the boys ignore or self-serving diatribes about how Lauren Wilson didn't
ask you out to the Sadie Hawkins Dance, more angst filled than your average Eddie Vedder Album.

You're sick of that stuff. I'm sick of that stuff. So I give you this promise...

No cat photos. No shmaltzy poetry. No angst without satire or triple back the money you paid.

This of course begs the question, what is here?

Sick Comics, Weird Noises and Inspired Rants. What more could you ask for?

How about something involving a certain celebrity and an economy size tub of Cool-Whip?

Okay. What more can you ask for and actually have a shot at GETTING?

Here's what we do have....

All About Me : Because you demanded it (well, not really), the basic 411 on me.

Roleplaying Pages : Information on the characters I role-play and the games I play at.

Rants : My assorted writings on some things that piss me off.

Quotes : Various words of wisdom from people besides me.

MST3K Sound Page : A collection of weird sounds from MST3K

Jack-O VS. Mulder : Fox Mulder seeks the truth from Jack Nicholson.

Brit Skits : The Largest Collection of British Comedy Scripts Anywhere!

The Parking Lot is Full : A weekly comic strip for the sick and twisted.

Weird Ass Links: Links to some places you should go.


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